I'm so happy we'll be meeting! Here is the page with all the info you need, once you register with Zoom you'll get an email with the link to attend all scheduled meetings.

(Be sure to check spam if you don't see the email.)

Every Thursday in July @ 2pm EST (New York Time)

Get the dates on your calendar and set a reminder. Be sure and save the link Zoom sends you after registration. This is the link you will use for every meeting.

This is on a donation basis. Don't give if you can't and if you can... well then, you and I both will be helping a neighbor in a time of need. Whatever you determine is fine with me.

(See important links below.)

How to organize Papers

Click HERE for the 2 part video series on how to de-clutter papers, along with a plan to keep them from piling up ever again. (This question has been asked by almost everyone in our declutter time together. So I promised I would include it.

Private Facebook Book Group

For those who would like to be connected on Facebook I have invited you to be a part of a private Facebook group.

This is just a bonus for 
those who would like to keep connected.


How to support Kathy's Work

This is free for anyone who is in hard times. Anyone who is able please help me continue to do this work by supporting me. CLICK HERE

Enrollin TTU

Anyone who is not a member of Tidy Tutor University. CLICK HERE to find out more.
(If you have taken TTU in the past and you want to be a part of Tidy Tutor Insiders. Email me and let me know. I'll send you the link to sign up.)

Here are 4 videos that I believe will encourage you as you move ahead. 

When we are on the course to change it feels really sucky, but what I've learned is that we miss out on the best part. 

Appreciating the work we're doing, ejoying the journey, seeing the benifits and realizing that you can't do a first time twice.

In this Cawfee Tawk (What members recieve as part of membership) I give my 20/20 on the subject and give you the gift of NOW, loving the process, instead of just dealing with it till it's over.

Video 2: Just do it...Anyway!.

Have you ever thought there was something wrong with you because you couldn't do what others seem to do easily? This video will help you find out how to "Just do it" 

Video 3. Identity

Our identity is devoloped and we become what we've identified with. Some things however we won't let go of, such as a being a disorganized person. If you are a smoker, you smoke, if you quit smoking you are no longer a smoker. You consider yourself a "non-smoker" we need to adopt this thinking about our selves in every way... This Cawfee Tawk helps you to do that, and enjoy the person you've grown into as you change.

Video 4: The Fear of Getting it together

Have you ever wondered why you want to get it together but don't? Have you ever noticed a push NOT to begin on the journey or see self sabotage happening to you as you begin to move ahead successfully in life? This Cawfee Tawk helps you understand what's going on and how to allow yourself ro achieve and finally get it together.