The Complete Tidy Tutor  Program
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$197 for the entire 4 week recorded video lessons. This is a lifetime purchase! 

I offer real time support from me (see details below) for $29.00 a month, cancel any time. First month free!


A taste of Tidy Tutor University. If you are afraid you won't finish, or you won't take the course at all this will help you see that you will! And that you're not alone! 


Tidy Tutor University Lifetime Access:  

Using the 4-part Room by Room Method that has helped HUNDREDS of women just like you... everything will come together before you know it!  With homework and support you'll feel relief and confidence right from the start!

Live "Cawfee Tawk" Webinars
As an Insider, every other Tuesday you can meet with Kathy via live online.  We cover topics that support your course materials and cater to your personal circumstances and challenges. 

Customer support:
Kathy@TheTidyTutor.Com (Response time 24 hours or less)

Personal Connection with Kathy
You get not only a video how-to course, you also get help and support from Kathy every step of the way.

Recorded Archive of Motivational and Supportive videos:
Inside the "Insiders" members area, previously recorded Cawfee Tawk Webinars on many relevant topics are available 24/7, any time you need a pep-talk, motivation or clarity. There are many categories to choose from: Motivation, When in Crisis, Minimalism, TTU Course Topics, Holidays, Story time...

Your Data is Secure:

We use a 256-bit encryption protocol to keep your private data secure at all time.​

Private Facebook Community:
A safe place to go and connect to Kathy and many other women just like you. A no-judgment zone where you can go for Q & A time with Kathy and in-depth help. An invitation to join this community is part of your Insider privileges.

Bonus Courses and Videos
In your Insider membership area, Kathy offers members-only courses as well as publicly offered paid courses that are free for her Insiders.

30 day money back guarantee.

No questions asked. If you are not fully satisfied, just let us know and we will fully refund your money.

An entire year of support:
The Complete Tidy Tutor Program includes instant "Insider" status. While you will see results the moment you begin, this problem has probably been around for a long time. As you go along the journey from Chaos and Clutter to Clean, you'll be faced with challenges. An entire year of support to secure your success forever!​

Members only discounts:
For any additional programs Kathy offers, Insiders will receive a 20% off discount. 

Instant Access

The Moment you sign up you will have instant access. An email will go directly to your inbox with you login information. Login any time night or day.

I am grateful beyond words for finding Kathy Roberts and her Tidy Tutor University. I have been struggling for years & years in trying to get and keep my home decluttered and organized. After attempting and failing other endless plans and books, I’m so thrilled to have finally found the key & saving grace for me & my crazy right brain self with Kathy's program!!"


Amy F

Know what to do
and when to do It!

Never feel behind. Right from the start, feel in control of your life and home with a plan that allows you to work at your own pace.

See a difference ...
right from the start!

You don't have  to wait weeks or months for a change. No matter what shape the house is in now, you will see and feel results right away.

You are my hero! TTU is Amazing! I have struggled all my life with trying to be organized...You have already changed my life. To me it is a minor miracle that I don’t ever have to worry again about my bathroom being “company ready”... I can just relax when an unexpected visitor asks to use the restroom and know that it is clean and sparkling!


Linda W

Get control of your home and day.

Learn a plan that gives you focus and direction so that you can spend your time living life instead of always cleaning it up.

Step by step ...
how-to instruction!

The course is designed with
easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with no overwhelm and no frustration.

The Complete Tidy Tutor  Program
Scroll for all the details.


The entire Tidy Tutor University Program for only $197!

$197 for the entire 4 week video lessons. This is a lifetime purchase.

​I offer real time support from me (see details below) for $29.00 a month, cancel any time. First month free!


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

I’ve tried so many times and so many different methods... how do I know this will be different?


People who teach courses on getting organized are almost always organized themselves, and often do not speak the language of those who have always found getting organized a challenge.

Have you heard of the book: 7 Habits 7 Habits for Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey?

He says to make a list of all the things you have to do, prioritize them in the order of importance, and then do first things first. Um.... WHAT???!!!

That kind of advice can't work for OCP (Organizationally Challenge People). We can make lists of what needs to be done, but we have to be told how to choose what is the top priority because to us, everything is a priority.

The Complete Tidy Tutor Program approaches getting organized in a way that is uniquely geared toward the OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person).  It addresses our mental blocks, is gentle and doable. It gets us moving with motivation and easy-to-follow instruction that hits home. 


How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work? 


You have 30 days to decide if TTU is right for you. You can ask for a full refund any time within the 30 day period.


How long will it take me to complete the course?​


The course is designed to go through in a 4 week time frame. You will see changes right from the start from day one.  Members who have taken the course as directed have seen a complete turn around in under 90 days and immediate results in week one.


Can I review the course material any time I like?


Yes! It will be available to you and avaiable to login any time, 24/7 


I understand that there is a monthly subscription with added help that begins immediately and I won't be charged for 30 days, but what if I don't want to be a part of That?


You don't have to be a part of it at all. BUT Kathy strongly suggests it and that is why it is baked in... She knows the procrastinating nature of the OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person) and does not want this course to be something else that is started and not finished. (Remember you are not charged for the first month of the membership)

You can cancel on your own immediately after sign up, but it is suggested to put a note in your calendar 28 days from the day of enrollment to remind you to cancel the subscription. This way you could participate for free and see if it's something you would want to continue to be a part of.


"Do I have to be a part of Facebook benefit from the monthly membership (Tidy Tutor Insiders)?


No. While it's nice that Facebook offers a space for likeminded members to connect it is not necessary to benefit from all the help given as a monthly member of Tidy Tutor Insiders. You will have access to live meetings and all bonus materials independent of Facebook. 


How long will I have access to Tidy Tutor University?


You will have access to all Tidy Tutor University the 4 week video course for a lifetime. Tidy Tutor Insiders (the monthly support which includes connection with Kathy and  bonus material as well as access to the private Facebook group is only available while an active monthly member). 


30 day 100% SATISFACTION Guranteed!


Hello! I hope you will allow me to help you get your life together and find out how amazing you are, exactly as you are.

You don't need to change, you just need to learn how you tick and how to do things in a way that is compatible to your unique way of being.

I am a reformed slob and proud of it! I began on my journey back in 1989 when pregnant with child number 4, going down for the count, and my life has never been the same.

Everything has changed for me when I got it together at home. I didn't realize that it would affect more than just how I felt about home. I knew I would have more time on my hands when I got organized and I would be able to have friends over without embarrassment which was amazing.... BUT it meant so much more to me, and it will to you too!

I created a life-changing course that has helped hundreds get their lives back and have the space and time to do all the things they couldn't before.


I am committed to spreading the message that there is NOTHING wrong with the "Organizationally Challenged Person," that being organized is a learned skill, and once the OCP "gets it," there is no stopping them!


The OCP has all that it takes to make change in the world and do the things they dream of doing. Yes, far and above the "Organizationally Gifted Person" (OGP), we right-brained people have the ability to go with the flow and create... All we have to do is know how to harness it, with a little help from our left brain and The Tidy Tutor!